Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission


It is the mission of Stages Arts Initiative to foster, nurture, and strengthen the creative enrichment and well-being of individuals in our community. We provide free music and art enrichment programs, focusing on serving individuals from low-income communities, military veterans, and those recovering from mental illness and/or substance abuse. Stages Arts Initiative is dedicated to increasing self-expression, self-efficacy, and overall well-being. By stimulating the imagination, critical thinking, and cognitive skills, the multitude of benefits of artistic engagement are boundless. Stages Arts Initiative promotes acceptance and social inclusion of all individuals at any stage of life.


Our Vision


Stages Arts Initiative is dedicated to increasing awareness of the benefits of artistic expression by emphasizing our outreach programs, partnering with community agencies, expanding our mentoring program, and bringing more events to our target population. In addition to cultivating our growing audience of art and music lovers, Stages Arts Initiative is motivated to expand our services and collaborations with agencies, musicians, and artists throughout Chester County and beyond.




Our Values




Self-expression: The benefits of visual and performing arts for personal well-being have been researched and documented for decades.


Creative Engagement


 Creative engagement: The creative process and resulting artwork/experience results in increased self-esteem, stimulates cognitive processes, and fosters a sense of community.




Inclusivity: Mutual respect, acceptance of others, and value of life experiences is an integral part of Stages Art Initiative




Respect for people, communities, and culture: Stages Arts Initiative welcomes all individuals at any stage of life.

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