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The benefits of the Visual and Performing Arts for the sake of personal well-being has been researched and documented for decades. The arts stimulate imagination, cognitive skills, and critical thinking. Engaging in the arts increases self-expression, self-esteem, and overall mental health. Even beyond these physical benefits, the arts have proven to be an instrument in promoting the acceptance and social inclusion of all types of people.

The truth is, arts are beneficial for individuals at any stage of life. That includes those in various states of well-being, especially those recovering from any type of illness. This is the philosophy behind the Stages Arts Initiative.

Stages Arts Initiative is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit. You can help promote mental health and wellness by donating today.


Stages Arts Initiative

Toys for Tots

Please help us this year as we continue our annual Toys for Tots Campaign.

Learn more about this incredible program that has grown since starting in 2012.

On a cold day in December, 2012, a program participant of Crossroads Recovery Center, who was homeless and looking for work and shelter, asked if there were any programs that could help her with some toys for her three young children who were temporarily living with a family member in Philadelphia - until she could find a place to live. She recently lost her residence and was working very hard to find a job so she could afford a new apartment. After researching for resources in the area, it was discovered that there were no programs that would help someone in need - who was not connected to a specific residential program. This included anyone homeless and impoverished who were struggling to survive on their own. So, Crossroads Recovery Center became a ‘Toys for Tots’ partner, through the help of Bob Lohr, a Marine who facilitates the distribution for the program out of Limerick, PA; now these families in need could have a Christmas for their children.

“It is sad to know that even in a county with the highest income in Pennsylvania, Chester County, there are so many families with children that need assistance”, says event coordinator Bernie Tiger, from Horizon House’s Community Crossroads Recovery Center and Stages Arts Initiative, “but we are also very fortunate to have such great community support for those in need, especially at this time of the year.”

After that first year of successfully serving 134 children, Crossroads partnered with Stages Arts Initiative and Connect Points to serve other county families in need through additional service providers. This collaboration grew exponentially each year; 134 in 2012, 260 in 2013, 720 in 2014, 1,645 in 2015, 1923 in 2016, 2007 in 2017 and 2037 in 2018! That was the seventh consecutive year that Crossroads Recovery Center, Stages Arts Initiative and Connect Points organized and facilitated this event, which started with about 50 families, but has grown to over 780 families.

All the participating agencies embark on fundraising to cover the costs; it is a daunting challenge as these agencies are non-profit and do not have any additional money for outside programs. Some of our volunteers will give their own money, in addition to all their time, to help with the event because we always fall short of our needs. That is why we are looking for contributions from the public, so that we can make this a success once again in 2019!







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In the last few years, the scientific research has documented the positive physical and emotional benefits of music. Such studies have shown that participating in the playing of music can have a profound effect on your body and psyche.

In fact, there is a growing field of healthcare literature that has shown how music helps with pain management, depression, mood disorders, as well as overall physical and mental health.

From this perspective, music performance and interaction can provide a complementary role in mental health wellness. Some positive effects of musical interaction include:

  • increased sense of relaxation
  • balancing of the opioid and serotonergic neurotransmitter system
  • positive spiritual experiences
  • interpersonal support
  • and connection to others


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