Donations for Stages Arts Initiative

Stages Arts Initiative is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit.

-As a non-profit organization we rely on the generosity of our supporters to help us achieve our goals.



Please consider a TAX DEDCUTIBLE donation to our program. Your money supports the participants who use our services!





Why Donate?



To Support Important Causes


First and foremost, by giving to a nonprofit organization, you will be able to support causes which you feel are important directly, without having to become physically involved. You might not be a doctor, but you can help to search for a cure for childhood leukemia by donating to a nonprofit organization. You might not be able to take time off work to save animals soaked in oil from the Gulf oil spill, but you can help support someone else who is able to do so. Whatever the cause, by donating to a nonprofit organization, you are directly helping to remedy the problem at hand.



For Feelings of Goodness and Satisfaction


Another benefit of donating to a nonprofit organization is that it provides you with a good feeling. You will feel better about yourself after helping to support a children’s charity or a blood drive, because you will know that you have done something that may save lives or help others who are less fortunate. You don’t have to have a Mr. Scrooge “A Christmas Carol” revelation to realize that helping others gives you a good feeling, whether you do it by donating your time or by donating money.





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